Lieber Alex,
It must seem that there is no way out, no way ahead for you, given the horrible episode you have been involved in. It must seem that everything is dark and dismal and that you feel alone and helpless. It has been hypocrisy to condemn you without due consideration. You had chosen Sandro Donati to train you, a man of 69 years of age who in his life has stood up to many things even if against the accepted stance. Your solidarity together upset many – a champion that returned to compete and a 69 year old that returned to train And you were both treated and punished in a crude and cruel manner. I have seen film of your training and I thought it showed sport as it should be, done with patience, quiet determination, and relentless demonstration of courage. And watching such I thought that this is the only real way to feel the real meaning of sport in oneself. You both showed you can win, even if others denied you the chance of proving it out on the ‘pitch’, or should I say ‘road’! You were denied the chance of so doing by those who govern sport and do so engulfed in cunning and cash, looking always to protect the strong at the cost of the weak And yet these are the very same persons who stand up for clean sport in their public role. This particular story of yours is now over and you must have the strength and courage to start another. Look ahead Alex and take a new path, and look to embark on a new life, possessed with the strength you have shown in abundance. The world does not finish with Rio de Janeiro, nor in the offices of Iaaf, but continues into the future. It is up to you to do the same.