foto-antica-ladini-tradizioneFinding balance is only possible thanks to our link and co-existence with Nature.
The native Americans were shocked by the fact that the white men wanted their land. How can wne think to be able to possess the territory when we ourselves are part of it?
Conquest is an obsessive consequence of possession. We live this contradiction: we want to live on this Earth, but on the condition to possess it all, and this implies conquest, destruction, violence. Either we start to harmonise the relationship between ourselves and Nature by coexisting, or our future can only be death. Not death of an individual, but of humanity at large. Between ourselves and Nature reigns a contract of indelible matrimony. If we break it we destroy ourselves.
zendron1My story here begins as follows: one fine day, it will have been early 2008, I received a telephone call. It was the great Ladin lady, Hilda Pizzinini, on the other end of the line. I jumped to attention thinking what she could possibly want of me. “Michil, you need to submit your candidature to become President of the General Ladin Union’’, she informed. Now the ‘Union’ is the coordinating cultural association of all the Ladin valleys.”. “Thank you, thank you Hilda, I am more than happy to be Ladin, and even if it does not always seem a benefit, I love our little Ladin world. However I don’t have the skill nor ability to lead the Union”, I attempted to inform her. “We’ll see about that. I’d like you to come to my house this afternoon”, she replied bluntly. Read on

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